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As an addendum to Rule 4, here's a page about titles for you to read prior to submitting/resubmitting your image. This should give you a general idea of what we're removing, but if you need any more inspiration check out /r/funny/top or /r/pics/top.

What should I do if my post is removed for rule 4?[edit | edit source]

Repost it with a simpler title - e.g. "[F]irst Orion nebula - be gentle" becomes "M42 - The Orion nebula".

If you think your post has been removed unfairly you should send a private message to the subreddit via the "message the moderators" button. The automod goes by keywords and there may be some unintended overlap between these and innocent titles. This rule is not intended to filter by quality, but is intended to favour beautiful images with multiple hours of integration (which are often underappreciated and overshadowed by a lesser picture with a flowery title) by giving everyone a level playing field. We still want to see your iPhone moon shots.

Which words/phrases are autofiltered?[edit | edit source]

We will be adding/removing words as time goes on and continuously perfecting the filter so as to avoid false positives.

"Single exposure"[edit | edit source]

This should go in the body of the post, not the title.

"and raise you"/"many like it"/"present"/"story"/"nemesis"/outdone"/"this gem"[edit | edit source]

e.g. "I see your iPhone M42 and raise you a DSLR M42!". "I present to you: M42!. There are many like it but this one is mine"

  • Clickbait/annoying meme title.

"shit"/"shitty"/"the worst"/"bad"/"terrible"/"another"[edit | edit source]

e.g. "another m42". "Probably the worst M42 on the subreddit"

  • Being self-deprecating and calling your own image shitty or garbage in the title is fishing for sympathy votes. If it's bad we don't care - we can give you feedback on how to improve regardless.

"year old"/"froze"/"freeze"/"freezing"/"woke up"/"stayed up"/"first attempt"/"Single exposure"/"!"[edit | edit source]

e.g. "I am a 16 yearold astronomer who stayed up til 3am in the freezing cold in my first attempt at astrophotography: a single exposure of m42!".

  • Similarly these are sympathy votes. Reddit loves posts which tell a story in the title, but we do not. Many imagers who post here are also of a young age. Keep it in the comments along with your acquisition details.

Information in titles that are encouraged[edit | edit source]

Name of Object: "M27", "Helix nebula", "Black Eye Galaxy", etc.

Image type: e.g "LRGB", "Narrowband", "HaRGB", etc.

Exposure time: e.g "16 Hours" etc.

Date: "Taken on 10/4/18" etc.

Location: "Rocky Mountain National Park" Reposting a newly processed image: Already required, please check out Rule 6.

Information discouraged from titles[edit | edit source]

Gear: Camera, Mount, Accessories, etc.

Sky Quality: Light pollution, seeing, etc.

Phrases: "First Light", "Last night", "close up" etc.

Emojis: 😒,"❄","🌞","🌕", etc.

Resolution: "My X megapixel image"

Camera Type: "DSLR", "CCD", "Mono", "Phone"

This is information you should be putting in your top level comment.